Take a road trip with Momo!


Find Momo – Coast to Coast by Andrew Knapp

Momo loves to hide – and my 4-yr-old grandson loved to find him!  We had a very enjoyable time spent with his mom looking for Momo.  Sometimes he was a lot faster than we were in spotting that little dog.  And sometimes we needed a magnifying glass to spot Momo when he was very tiny in a photo.  We thought we found them all but when we looked in the Answer Key at the back of the book, we saw that we were mistaken in one photo and he was actually somewhere else.  Momo is black and white and is sometimes hard to find, which makes it just enough challenging that it’s never boring.  I think as my grandson gets older, he’ll have more interest in the actual photos and what they’re showing rather than just finding Momo.

We spent quite a long time going through every single photo in the book and my grandson still wanted more so we went to the gofindmomo.com website and he spent even more time looking at all the photos there.

The book is sectioned off into different groups of the states and providences traveled in the US and Canada and each section has a group of photos with a caption of where they were taken.  Often when looking at the main photos, which are not captioned but only say the general area where taken, such as California or the Southwest, I wanted to know more about the photo.  I was pleased to see that the small photos in the Answer Key at the back of the book do tell more about each specific photo.

The photos are beautiful and even without the fun of finding Momo, they are a pleasure to look at.  Those who enjoy photography books will enjoy that aspect.  I know I’ll be picking the book up again just to have another look at the photos.

So take a road trip with Momo and have some fun with this entertaining, educational book!

I won this book in a BookLikes giveaway.


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