An Appalachian tale that will haunt you


Let Me Die in His Footsteps by Lori Roy

Book Review:  4 out of 5 star rating

Lori Roy has created yet another complex, absorbing novel.  This one has two story lines – one taking place in the 1930’s involving two sisters Juna and Sarah and the other taking place in the 1950’s involving Annie and Carolyn.  A couple of times I did get a bit confused between the two story lines, since there are many characters who appear in both time frames.  And it did slow down a bit in certain parts.  I think I would have done better with it if I had a block of time where I could just read right through it rather than putting it down and picking it up again throughout the week.  But I still think it’s a winner and well worth reading.

This author always writes such believable true-to-life characters that just jump off the page right into your heart.  The tragic events of the past bleed into the lives of the future generations of these families.  As always in Ms. Roy’s books, the suspenseful climax left me shocked by the revelation of what had actually occurred all those years ago.  I never saw it coming.  Very suspenseful and atmospheric.  I loved the “know-how” that a few of these characters possessed, such as seeing your future husband at the bottom of a well on a certain day in your life and premonitions and superstitions, which added so much to the eerie sense this book creates.  Against the darkness of human nature depicted is the beauty of the lavender that is grown on this Kentucky farm.  It’s a wonderful Appalachian tale of feuding, revenge and legends with the mysticism integral to that type of story.  This author continues to get better and better with each of her novels and this is her best yet.

I was given this book by First to Read in return for an honest review.


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