Loved it – over too soon – now want the next one!


Finders Keepers by Stephen King

Book Review:  5 out of 5 star rating

I’m a long-time fan of Mr. King’s and anxiously await each release.  He doesn’t disappoint with his latest.  This is a good, solid read, full of Mr. King’s suspenseful writing and wonderful characterization.  He always pull me in with the first page.  His ability to bring his characters to life is so strong.

When I first heard that this was a sequel to “Mr. Mercedes”, I wasn’t too impressed since “Mr. Mercedes” wasn’t one of my favorite Stephen King books, at least I didn’t think so when I read it.  However, in reading the second book in the trilogy, it successfully brought back the suspense of the first book and I realized that I had liked “Mr. Mercedes” more than I had thought and the story had stayed with me.  That’s something that I’ve always loved about Mr. King’s books – I’ve never forgotten any of his stories.  So many times, I pick up a book thinking that I hadn’t read it yet but then realize that yes, I had read it before but just forgotten it.  I never, ever forget one of Mr. King’s books.

I loved that the author revisited a prior idea of a fanatical fan.  King does a masterful job of creating Morris Bellamy.  I had sympathy at times for the guy and his growing obsession with an author’s work.  Sure, he’s a “bad guy” but is also a very sad character.  The suspense builds up as Bellamy’s insanity grows.  I had my hand clasped across my mouth several times as I was reading.  King certainly does know how to create those chills running up your spine.

I think one of the most chilling parts of this book were Bill Hodges’ visits with Brady Hartfield and I do wish that part could have been explored more.  I hope that the third book in the trilogy will have more to do with Brady and I think the references that were made towards the end of the second book were a nice build up to what’s coming.

So all in all, another fun time spent with a work by Stephen King that was over far too soon.


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