A unique look at perception and consciousness


Travelers Rest by Keith Lee Morris

Book Review – 3 star rating

The book starts off so similar to “The Shining” by Stephen King – snow storm, spooky hotel, unstable main character. There’s the married couple, Julia and Tonio Addison, their 10-year-old son, Dewey, and Tonio’s brother, Robbie, an addict recently released from rehab. On their way home after picking up Robbie, they decide to stop at the town of Good Night, Idaho and stay the night at the hotel, Travelers Rest.

The four of them become separated and as they wandered the endless halls and tunnels of the hotel, at times their minds became numb and trancelike. I have to say that at times during the first half of the book, my mind also became numb and trancelike and I felt that parts went on for too long. But each time I would start to get a bit bored with the wandering, something would happen to spike my interest. Once the book starts going back in time and you start to see the correlation between the past and the present, it becomes much more interesting again.

The author does know how to create compelling characters and how to pull you into the story. He’s created a very unique world and casts a thought provoking light on perception and consciousness. It’s a very slow-moving eerie story and also quite a sad one, as these generations of people try to break the pull this town has on them.

I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway and am under no obligation to give a review.


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