A treasure trove of photos


Photographs from the Edge - Art Wolfe, Rob Sheppard

What a gorgeous collection of photographs this is! Starting right off with the cover, which isn’t a paper cover but instead the photograph is right on the hardcover book and wraps around halfway to the back.  It’s a striking photograph of Huangshan or the Yellow Mountains of China.


The book is filled with photographs of flamingos, bears, dolphins, whales, tribal celebrations, mountain ranges and erupting volcanos. The photos are fascinating.  But just as fascinating as the photographs are the stories the photographer has written about each scene.  My favorite story is the one about the lemurs.  The author said that these monkeys are so friendly that he has them climb up his tripod, crawl on his shoulder and give him kisses behind the ear.


The author also gives photo tips on how he was able to obtain the special effects of each photo, which I’m sure would be very helpful to those who are interested in photography itself. But for me, the pleasure of this book was getting lost in the extraordinary world that Art Wolfe has captured in his photographs.  This book will be treasured by me and my family for many years to come and will be picked up again and again.  Most highly recommend. 


This book was given to me by the publisher through Blogging for Books in return for an honest review.


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