Completely addictive





Jack and Grace Angel are the perfect couple.  He’s a successful lawyer representing battered women and has never lost a case.  His lovely wife Grace keeps the home so beautiful and is the ultimate hostess, never making a wrong move.  Jack is even ready to welcome Grace’s younger, disabled sister, Millie, into their home to be a part of their lives.  Yet, no one ever sees Grace without Jack by her side and she never answers the phone herself.  Is life behind closed doors as perfect as it would appear?


This is a debut novel and I do believe that this author will have a wonderful career writing thrillers .  The book grabbed ahold of me right from the start.   The tension and suspense never let up.  While the whole scenario might be a bit unbelievable, the book just flows along and carries you with it so you don’t even care about the little flaws.  You just have to know what happens.  And isn’t that what you look for in a thriller?  My favorite character in the story is Millie, who is one smart young lady, even if she doesn’t like George Clooney!  I thought the ending was very clever and I can almost guarantee that this one will be made into a movie.


Addictive, fun read.

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