The world of parasomnia


4 stars – recommended.

Annalee Ahlberg walks in her sleep and one night she leaves her bed and disappears. Once her daughter, Lianna, found her mother asleep, naked and ready to jump into the river so it’s feared that Annalee has done this again and drowned.  As the search for Annalee continues, Lianna is drawn to Det. Gavin Rickert who is investigating the disappearance.  But it unsettles her to learn how much Det. Rickert knows about her mother.

This is much more than a mystery. It’s an in depth character study about a sleepwalker and the effect of her parasomnia on her loved ones.  The author does a beautiful job of fleshing out the older daughter, Lianna, and her little sister, Paige.  Although the book is being advertised as a thriller, it’s a slow paced book and quite a deep one.  I had a few sleepwalking episodes myself many years ago and know how frightening it can be.  Mr. Bohjalian has created a book that allows you to live in the midst of a family dealing with all the guilt, fear and anxiety that parasomnia can cause.  He’s a master story teller and never disappoints.

And the ending? The ending completely tore my heart apart.

This book was given to me by the publisher through NetGalley in return for an honest review.


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