This is a beautifully written novel about motherhood. Kavya is an Indian American woman who is married to Rishi.  Her deepest longing is to have a child.  She feels she’s failed at so many things in life and this is something else that she has failed at as she’s been unable to have a child.  She and her husband begin to talk about adopting.  Soli is a young woman living in Mexico who longs for a better life.  She manages to illegally immigrate to America but her high hopes fall apart when she learns of her pregnancy.

I loved each of the characters in this book and felt their desires and fears right along with them. The author has written a deeply compassionate novel about motherhood and parenting that truly touched my heart.  The book is a timely and eye-opening story, too, about immigration but the main heart of the book lies in the love these two women have for a little boy named Ignacio, known to one as Iggy and to the other as Nacho.  The story isn’t really a new or unique one as the struggle of adoption is a well-known topic but the author’s talent brings such insight into the minds and souls of these characters, which makes this a very special reading journey.   I found the book to be completely engrossing.  It’s quite a long book at almost 500 pages but it never dragged for me and I never tired of it for one minute.  I hated to part with the characters at the end of the book and would have loved to continue reading about them.

Highly recommended.

This book was given to me by the publisher in return for an honest review.


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