I never saw it coming!


Behind Her Eyes – Sarah Pinborough

Book Review:  4 star rating


The man who single mom Louise meets at the bar and kisses turns out to be her new married boss, David. How’s she supposed to handle this one?  She’s still very attracted to David but has to work with him every day.  To complicate things even more, Louise literally bumps into Adele, who is David’s wife.  Adele wants to be friends with Louise and Louise is drawn into her world.  But this isn’t a common love triangle.  The more Louise becomes involved with David and Adele, the stranger their marriage and past all becomes.  Is David a control freak or worse?  What is it David and Adele are hiding?

OK, this was quite a roller coaster of a book. On the con side, none of the main characters are very likeable and it’s hard to sympathize with any of them.  But the author does a very good job of building the suspense and you can’t help but keep reading and trying to puzzle it all out.  You have to find out what’s going on.  There are a lot of unreliable narrator books out there but this one is quite unique.  The book is being advertised as a psychological thriller and it is that but it also has a supernatural aspect that I hadn’t anticipated and edges into the horror genre.  While it’s certainly not realistic or believable, the ending really caught me by surprise and I thought it was quite clever of the author.

A fun read. This book was given to me by the publisher in return for an honest review.


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