Very dark, riveting thriller


Fatal Option by Chris Beakey

Book Review:  4 out of 5 stars

What would you do if your child needed you but you had to break the law in order to help her? Stephen Porter is faced with this moral dilemma when his teenage daughter calls him in the middle of the night.  She’s lied to him about where she was going and now her car has broken down during a blizzard on a mountain and she’s begging for help.  But Stephen, who is grieving for his wife who recently mysteriously died, has just had an evening of binge drinking and knows he shouldn’t get behind the wheel.  Little does he know how twisted and horrible a path his decision to go to his daughter will take him.

I read this book during a recent nor’easter here in NJ. With the cold wind howling around the house and the icy rain hitting the windows, it was a perfect setting for this dark tale.  Be warned, this is a very violent story involving a large cast of messed-up, troubled people.  But at the heart of the book is a loving father who only wants the best for his children.  I cared about Stephen and his daughter Sara and son Kenneth and wanted things to turn out well for each of them.  This book also has a clear tale to tell about the high cost of child abuse and its long-lasting effects.  This is a complex thriller with plot twists galore.  The touching ending was beautifully rendered.  Mr. Beakey is an accomplished author and one to make note of.


This book was given to me by Smith Publicity in return for an honest review.


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