Magical Christian fantasy adventure


Some Small Magic by Billy Coffey

Book Review:  4 out of 5 star rating

Wouldn’t we all love to find a little magic in our lives? Abel is a young boy who has had far too many hardships in his short life.  His body is broken and he longs for healing.  He and his mom are so poor and he wishes for just a bit more to make his mom’s life easier.  His mom has always told him that his father was a railroad man who died, but now Abel has to question his entire life as he’s found letters that his father has been writing to him his whole life.  So Abel sets out on a journey for some answers and maybe even some healing.  With him is his best friend, Dumb Willie, who is a murderer with a heart of gold.  Things take a turn when they meet a beautiful young woman, who Abel names Dorothy, on the train.

I’ve long wanted to read a Billy Coffey book and now that I have, it won’t be the last. Mr. Coffey knows how to spin a story.  There’s a strong Christian message in this book and the author makes his points without being preachy.  While I found many references to the Bible throughout the book, I also found similarities to Steinbach’s “Of Mice and Men”.  You don’t need to know the Bible to appreciate this book nor do you even have to have the same beliefs. The message is a beautiful one and I’m sure there aren’t many humans out there that wouldn’t long for it to be a true one.

I fell mightily in love with these characters and their story. My heart had broken into little pieces by the end of the book.  Abel is such a sweet, loving boy and there’s such a strong bond between him and Willie.  I felt great empathy for Abel’s mom, Lisa, who dealt as best as she could with all of her trials and tribulations.  The book is a testament to the power and strength of hope.  Don’t miss this magical, uplifting book.

A quote from the book that says it all (although I read an ARC and this quote may be changed in the final edition): “Doesn’t everything and all hold its own small magic, waiting to be revealed to one who merely bends close enough to behold it?”


I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway.


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