Didn’t ring true to me


Almost Missed You by Jessica Strawser

Book Review:  3 out of 5 star rating

Violet and Finn seem to have it all – a loving marriage that was meant to be and their little boy, Bear. But there are secrets in this marriage that Violet only begins to become aware of when Finn shockingly abducts Bear.  Finn turns to his best friend, Caitlin, with a threat to reveal her marriage secrets to her husband, George, if Caitlin doesn’t hide him and Bear.

I’ve always enjoyed books that involve the mystery of fate or destiny. There’s something so compelling about how some things are “just meant to be”.  The title of this book, “Almost Missed You”, is what drew me to it the most.  We’ve all wondered at one time of another whether, for instance, our life would be completely different if we had decided to stay home that day instead of taking a walk on the beach.    The plot of this book is a fascinating one and the author has done a good job of mapping out all of the coincidences and how they all play into the lives of Violet, Finn, Caitlin and George.   She also does a good job of describing the torment Violet goes through dealing with the abduction of her child.

However, too much of this book just didn’t ring true to me; most importantly, Finn’s reasons for leaving Violet and for taking Bear. Also, most of the back story read too much like a romance novel and dragged on far too long for me, causing me to disconnect with the story of Bear’s abduction.  This book is publicized as a psychological thriller but I didn’t really find much thrilling about it.  The plot’s an interesting one, though, so if you can take some of the reasoning given with a grain of salt, this might be more your cup of tea than it was mine.

This book was given to me by the publisher in return for an honest review.


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