A young woman’s passion for music and her love for a special violin


Gone by Min Kym

Book Review:  4 out of 5 stars

I very much enjoyed this heartfelt memoir by Min Kym. Ms. Kym gives us an in depth look into the life of a child prodigy.  Though she longed to live a “normal” life, hers was taken up with studying and playing the violin.  She loved every minute of it but she did miss not having friends or going to other children’s birthday parties.  But music was her passion and she definitely kept my interest as she tells of her progress in music.

Then she finds what she calls her “soulmate” – a valuable Stradivarius. Though she had played beautifully on all of her previous violins, she knew this one was special.  Her musical career started to take off until one tragic day when her violin was stolen.

Ms. Kym writes very convincingly on how this theft affected her. I felt I was living the loss with her, though truly how could I have known how she felt when I myself have never been so attached to a musical instrument.  Even so, reading her words did give me an understanding of what she went through.  After studying so hard and coming so far, this one event truly upended her.

There are parts of the book where it might be helpful to have some knowledge about music but mostly I think it would appeal to anyone who has loved and lost.

Recommended memoir.

This book was given to me by the publisher in return for an honest review.



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