Moving and disturbing


The Child by Pascale Kramer

Book Review:  4 out of 5 star rating

Claude is a former gym teacher who is battling cancer and losing. He lives in a low-income neighborhood with his wife, Simone.  There has been rioting in their neighborhood with the constant sound of police sirens.  There isn’t much calm inside their home either as they each in their own way try to adjust to the end of Claude’s days.  It’s just the two of them until a young boy comes for a visit and throws everything into even more discord.

The author doesn’t flinch at describing the horrors of a death from cancer. That and the effects of his decline on those around him make for a very disturbing read.  But as in her book “Autopsy of a Father”, Ms. Kramer writes in such a poetical manner that her books are beautiful to read despite the subject matter.  This is an in depth look at the end of a marriage as a result of death that I know will stay with me for some time to come.  It’s a short book, only about 150 pages, and I hope to read it again one day, not so much as to know what happens in the book as I already know that but just to enjoy the writing again.



2 thoughts on “Moving and disturbing

    1. I thought so but it’s according to what type of books you like. I tend to read dark books that take a deep look into the human soul, imperfect as it is. This is rather a slow read even for a short book and not much of a plot. But Ms. Kramer doesn’t need many words to say what she wants. To me, it was beautiful. It did end rather abruptly but it didn’t need a wrapped-up ending.

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