Melodramatic, gothic tale


The Nanny by Gilly MacMillan

Book Review:  3 out of 5 star rating

After her husband’s untimely death, Jocelyn Holt has no choice but to move herself and her young daughter, Ruby, into her mother’s home at Lake Hall.  She hopes it’s just temporary because she and her mother have always had a difficult relationship.  When Jo thinks of her childhood, it’s her nanny, Hannah, who she remembers as giving her the love and care she needed.  But Hannah unexpectedly disappeared from Jo’s life and home when Jo was 7 years old and Jo has never gotten over the loss.  As soon as she was able to, she left her home and parents behind.  Now she’s returned home but things are tense between Jo and her mother.  Then Jo and Ruby find a human skull in the lake and the past is pulled into the present and Jo doesn’t know if she can trust her memories.

I found this one to be more of a gothic mystery in nature than a true thriller.  I literally cringed at some of Jo’s behavior towards her mother.  The only sensible one in the book was 10-year-old Ruby and I felt a lot of sympathy for her.  The story is told from several perspectives and the author does a good job of shifting the reader’s allegiances.  There is a certain point in the book that gripped me, mainly due to the horrible situations people can find themselves pulled into.  But then it races to the very distasteful, at least to me, ending.

An average book about an extremely dysfunctional family.

This book was won by me in a giveaway contest.


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