Revenge is not always sweet


Because of You I Am by Sandy Hogarth

Book Review:  5 out of 5 star rating

Alice hasn’t had an easy life.  But when she meets Jake, the world becomes a wonderful place for her.  And with the addition of their beloved son, Adam, she now knows complete happiness.  When that happiness is abruptly torn from her, her life spirals out of control.

I first was introduced to this author with her first book, “The Glass Girl”.  That was about six years ago and now her new book is available to her fans.  I described “The Glass Girl” as gorgeous writing and the same description applies even more so to her newest book.  Ms. Hogarth has a deep understanding of the human psyche and its frailty and brings that understanding to life through her words.   This story is a very dark one.  It fiercely gripped my heart and captured my full attention.  The effect of grief on this woman’s sanity is sometimes hard to read, especially since I cared so much about Alice and her family as if I knew them personally.  I wish I had this author’s talent with words so I could give this review the merit it deserves.  Ms. Hogarth’s talent deserves recognition.

Most highly recommended.