A fun, fast read


The Escape Room by Megan Goldin

Book Review:  4 out of 5 star rating

Vincent, Sam, Sylvie and Jules are at the height of their profession.  They have worked hard and their ambition knows no bounds.  They have received an email telling them that they are to meet for an escape room test.  They get into the elevator hoping that this won’t take long and they can get back to their busy lives.  But the elevator stops, the doors won’t open and the lights go out.  That’s when they realize that this isn’t a game and they’ll have all they do to survive. But these four people have always been dangerously competitive and the stress and fears from their confinement are soon combustible.

This was a fun, fast read.  Although some of the plot didn’t come as a surprise to me and the book didn’t get my heart racing, I enjoyed the story.  It was like watching a train heading for a wreck – you knew there was going to be a blow up scene and you couldn’t look away.  The author does a very good job of bringing her characters to life and slowly building the plot.  The only likeable characters were Sara and Lucy but it’s fun having Vincent, Sam, Sylvie and Jules to despise.  And such an excellent moral lesson is in this book.  Watching these people claw their way to the top with the only goal being to make more and more money was sickening.  They worked so many hours, they never had a chance to enjoy what they were earning.  Completely crazy but the author ensures that her characterizations are believable.  She takes great care to show how these people got to where they are. The scenes in the stuck elevator are the best parts and the author has great fun getting these four ruthless people to turn against each other even more as their suspicions and distrust grow.


This book was given to me by the publisher in return for an honest review.